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. >> reporter: washington is facing mounting political pressure to do something that may include tapping america's strategic oil reserve to bring down prices. >> we're looking at options. the issue of the reserves is one we're considering. it is something that only is done and has been done in very rare occasions. >> reporter: pump prices are topping $4 in some areas. we've all seen the cause, the unrest and upheaval rippling through libya and the middle east. and we're all feeling the effects, that sudden surge at the pumps. it is threatening to increase the cost of everything, from food to air travel. and that's bad news for the economy. the last time prices spiked like this, the answer seemed simple. >> drill, baby, drill. >> reporter: but even drilling proponents realize energy is a long-term problem. >> i'm buying an electric car tomorrow, and that's going give me the patriotic pleasure of plugging in and not sending money overseas to people trying to blow us up. >> reporter: rising prices and anxiety that go far beyond the pumps. brian mooar, nbc news, washington. >> of course, if you went
.s., but throughout asia, africa and south america that are all contributing to higher crude oil prices and higher gasoline prices at the pump. >> the highest prices felt here in the golden state where some places near $5 a gallon. >> hurt the pocket. especially with no job. >> higher gas prices mean everything costs more. from groceries, to airline tickets and popular vacation destinations. in north carolina, charter boat captains are worried about their livelihoods. >> if it hits like $4 a gallon, we burn 400 gallon ons a trip, that's $1600 to make the trip just for the feel. >> now with oil selling for more than $100 a barrel, the white house is considering tapping into the strategic oil reserves. the high price of gas is also raises the prices of just about everything besides gas we buy. food, electronics. tonight at 6:00, we'll introduce you to a silicon valley company helps to bring those prices down and save you money. >> premium unleaded, $4.25 a gallon. if your car has a meter. use it. those cars save 5 to 15% on gas mileage. also, don't warm up your car. start it and drive immediately. m
, america has unique capabilities, and we will bring them to bear to help our european and canadian allies and arab partners, to stop further violence against civilians. >> reporter: meanwhile, back in washington, a group of demonstrators protested any involvement of american troops who still have a footprint in two war zones. brian moore, nbc news, washington. >> today there are new concerns in japan's nuclear crisis. firefighters continue to spray water on the damaged nuclear power plant in fukushima, but now japanese leaders say harmful radiation levels have been defected in food and water near the plant. nbc's robert bazell has the latest from tokyo. >> reporter: there's two pieces of important news today concerning the crippled nuclear reactors north of here. there's electricity at two of them. they'll try to get the pumps working. others, diesel-powered generators do have the coolant falling. and the big fire trucks we've been seeing so much have poured 1,500 gallons into one of the tanks. the other thing we've heard is that the japanese government found trace amounts of radiation in
his goal was to prevent more terrorism in america not to question the patriotism of american muslims. the main point of the hearing was not controversial. >> that homegrown radicalization is part of al qaeda's strategy to continue attacking the united states. >> reporter: no question. radicalized virginia born doctor nadal hassan killed 14 people at ft. hood. carlos bledsoe killed a private in little rock. his father says he was recruited at a tennessee mosque. >> he was manipulated and lied to. >> reporter: leaving for jihad in somalia. his uncle said u.s. muslims looked the other way. >> we never got help from our leaders. from ouring orrists, big islamic organizationists. >> reporter: should american muslims do more to stop al qaeda recruitment. saying yes. >> the u.s. has a problem with muslim radicalization. i'm muslim and realize it's my problem. >> reporter: but holding musliming to account for the crimes of a few angered many leaders. >> islamic muslims have spoken many times against violent extremi extremism. >> reporter: a muslim in congress remembered a first responder kil
his tour of latin america. it's a move that is drawing some criticism from the right. >> he is in brazil in south america, kicking soccer balls with little boys instead of being back here in washington, d.c. as our commander in chief. >> look, the blood of americans is on gadhafi's hands because we know that he was responsible for pan am 103. we should be removed from power. >> reporter: president obama says he still wants to transfer control of the operation to nato, but he says no timetable for that has been set up. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> okay, garvin, thank you. >>> we continue our coverage on the ongoing disaster in japan. the official death toll has now passed 9,000 people, with at least 13,000 more missing. in a scene eerily reminiscent of a scene after katrina, a sports arena near tokyo is home to about 2300 people from the fukushima prefecture. meanwhile, concern continues over the quake-rattled nuclear plant, with smoke, steam, and radiation still escaping from the reactors. all workers were back on the job today at that crippled reactor site. milk fro
,000 for earthquake relief. the idea arose when a boy canceled his exchange trip to america to stay with the carters this week. >> i think it's wonderful what john and his family are doing. it's very important that students take away, give back and take away something positive when a tragedy occurs. >> reporter: the school's guidance counsellors and psychologists are making sure no one are suffering effects of tragedy from the news. they say censoring images from children is not a good idea. >> you want to listen to your child, encourage them to talk about their feelings. you want them to ask questions about what's happening. >> reporter: he advises parents to limit the expo shoour. john carter for one has seen enough. >> the people in japan must be going through hell. >> reporter: his humble fund raising effort ought to help the japanese and a young boy who stood up in the face of tragedy. >> reporter: and psychologists says that giving in situations like this is supposed to help that giver's self-esteem, but by talking to john carter, you get the feeling he needs little help in that category. he a
have a lot more work to do. >>> the smithsonian is ree fered to as america's -- depicting the aftermath of san francisco's 1906 earthquake were just found. and the neat thing, the photos are in color. they were taken six months after the quake and show ruins caused by the quake or the fir that followed. they were to be viewed in stereo scope. the camera used mirro f and filters which were their taped together rendering the image in color. they point out the color photogra photography dates back to 1861. >> i could look at those all day. >> so cool. >> no photo shop. that was the real deal. thanks for joining us. we'll see you again at 6:00. brian williams is next.
breakfast? denny's. america's diner is always open. ♪ [ male announcer ] escape convention. ♪ escape definition. ♪ escape compromise. ♪ introducing the most fuel-efficient luxury car available. the radically new... 42 mile per gallon ct hybrid from lexus. ♪ welcome to the darker side of green. ♪ >>> a battle of the bay taking place in the desert today. a's and giants met for the first time this spring. the a's probably with their best game so far this spring, shut out the giants 6-0. anderson threw three scoreless innings. giants were kind of flat. madison gave up two hits, one run. now 7-3 here in spring. >>> another bay area clash taking place in berkeley as cal and stanford close out the pac-10 season. for cal, they need a win. and a couple more next week's pack 10pack -- pac-10 tourney. it's senior day, cal's only senior mark sanders friesen gets a budget. lays it in with his left hand. cal up 18-4. they continue to pour it on. check it out. jorge gutierrez with the sweet pass to richard solomon, who puts it down. we're in the second half, cal leading the way 42-28. meanw
first in america. a man undergoes an entire face transplant. you're going to hear his amazing story, up next. >>> also, new child car seat guidelines, and it's not just for infants now. we've got the important information for you, just ahead. >>> and good evening. i'm chief meteorologist je ranieri. we're continuing to watch for reportsf any damage or injury from that tornado near sacramento rwote,e've had hail hill, and msfla hill, and gilroy. two more storms coming our way. timeline coming up in minutes. i'm gonna use less honey. i'm gonna text less. well, i'm gonna use less bath tissue with charmin!!! [ female announcer ] with charmin ultra soft you can feel good while using less. charmin ultra soft's ultra-cushiony design is soft and more absorbent. so you can use four times less versus the leading value brand. ahh, using less never felt so good. [ female announcer ] charmin ultra soft. enjoy the go. >>> well, u.s.-led attacks continued today in libya, but moammar gadhafi is not backing down. president obama says the u.s. will soon give up leadership of the allied assault, but in wa
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